Playing Games To Optimize Learning Opportunities for Events

Unblocked Games - The human brain is growing rapidly and can be able to have a level of ability wider, as wide as the galaxy of the universe. The ability of technology will not be hampered by its growth, has become a sprout and is now growing well and expanding without limits. All born of the sophistication of modern technology. The more brilliant the human brain is for improvisation and the more space to move in the brain.

The internet was born globally without any absorption, a symbol of the sacred instrument, soaring fast without limits of time and distance. And able to accelerate the discourse of the earth wherever and whenever it is, the range becomes very close and transparent. Likewise in our learning if we as educators do not keep up with the times, the students are increasingly disliked especially mathematics. In this case, one of them is learning material opportunities. To optimize the results, one of them is by playing online games.

            In this learning material the chance of occurrence is very slow absorption of material. The intended value or value that might occur is very slow absorption. The rules of enumeration or the rules of addition or rules of multiplication are very slow knowledge. Similarly, permutations or combinations of students are very slow in absorbing power. For this reason, we as educators have to turn their minds to make this learning interesting, happy and quick to absorb the material so that the idea is invited to play online games. This learning needed is a room with WIFI and students to prepare learning tools, namely mobile phones (HP) that already have online games. In the initial preparations the students were required to download or download the game application that had been determined at the previous learning meeting. The learning process of the students is very enthusiastic, very enjoying and very happy (happy) following the learning. Our students share in groups even though each student must bring their own hand phone. Each group playing online games consists of one type, so do the other groups with different types so that all groups play their own type of game. After discussing the group with the calculated time, then one of the presentation group representatives came forward and the other group responded and asked questions until the group was all finished. And after all the presentations are finished and give a summary of each of them then we evaluate. The students are very active in learning that we have given worksheets in which there are instructions and tasks to be done. The students are very understanding and very quick to do assignments individually. And after being evaluated it turns out that the students really understand the learning material of the opportunity, rather than before.

            In the learning opportunities the previous events only used learning props bridge, dice and marbles. The students no more than sixty percent of the number of students understand the material opportunities. After using online games, it turned out that almost ninety percent of the students understood the learning material of the opportunity. Playing online games in learning can significantly optimize learning opportunities. Namely from 60 (sixty) percent understand to be 89.7 (eighty nine point seven) percent or almost 90 (ninety) percent understanding of the event opportunity.

For this reason, as educators, we should not miss the development of digital technology, including online games. Honestly today educators with students are superior to students in terms of technology for the development of android mobile phones and online games. So that we as educators still have to keep abreast of global flows. Do not let us say GURU KUPER or GAPTEK TEACHERS.