3 Of The Best Android Smartphone Games for Kids

Of The Best Android Smartphone Games for Kids - Unblocked Games - It is appropriate for children to get more attention and control of their parents on their activities, especially in playing gadgets such as smartphones or tablets. Lack of parental control will have an effect on them especially when they play gadgets for hours. In addition to having an impact on health, it certainly has an impact on education where children prefer playing gadgets rather than learning.

We all know that it's really hard to keep children out of gadgets today. Some parents or other family members are more likely to let them play with their gadgets. The reason is simple because it doesn't want the child to cry. If that's the case, the thing to do is to choose a game that children often play. Games that stimulate thinking power or brain teasers that can arouse the child to be more creative. Games like this are widely available ranging from free to paid. For children the problem of the cost of buying games is not an issue that needs careful consideration, generally foreign people are willing to buy paid games for children so they can be used as a means of learning and playing.

Okay, here I will share information about Android games for kids that are free. For those who pay can upgrade. I myself did not have time to buy a game to review the game. So, just being free is enough.
Games For Kids

3 of the best Android games for children aged 6 to 8 years

1. LEGO® City My City

This first game is one of the many games for children made by The LEGO Group. For those who have often installed LEGO games, surely they already know the developers who focus on this children's game, to see their collection game, please see here.

LEGO® City My City Game is a game for kids who have a lot of game choices. Unique and funny characters in this game will make kids love playing the LEGO® City My City game. This game is quite educational, one of which is when driving and the vehicle breaks down, children can direct the tow truck to the strike car. In addition, in this game there is also a name for building or repairing damaged buildings, this activity certainly educates children to find out something that is damaged must be repaired. Download LEGO® City My City on the Play Store ™.

2. Caillou House of Puzzles

This game was made by Budge Studios developers who fall into the category of brain teasers. This game is certainly a game that educates children. Develop their creativity by playing this Caillou House of Puzzles game. A puzzle game is a game of arranging separate images to become a unified whole picture. Children are trained to combine several pieces of separate images so they become real pictures.

There are 3 levels of difficulty that can be chosen to play, can play starting from an easy level first. After the child is accustomed to continue to a more difficult level. If the puzzle is completed by the child, there will be a funny animation as an award. This will make the child feel happy. Download Caillou House of Puzzles on the Play Store ™.

3. Kids Numbers and Math FREE

The third game is a game made by Intellijoy developer which has created many educational categories for children. One of their famous games is Kids Numbers and Math FREE. This game is available for free to download. Suitable for children who are learning to count because in this game children will be guided to learn to count in different and fun ways for children.

Kids Numbers and Math FREE is not only suitable for children aged 6-8 years. This game is also suitable for children who are in kindergarten or children who have not entered elementary school (SD). This application offers all counts, ranging from counts, additions, deductions and comparisons. Delivered in different ways such as counting using the fruit method, where children can count based on the fruit displayed. Download Kids Numbers and Math FREE on the Play Store ™.

That's the 3 best Android games for children aged 6 to 8 years. In addition to these free games, it certainly has benefits in educating children. By installing educational games for children, parents can be a little calm because at least the children are spared the adverse effects of the gadgets they play, and of course they must be limited when children play with their gadgets. Please download to get the benefits.